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NaturaSat combines geobotanical research with the latest mathematical methods for satellite image segmentation. Using data from the Sentinel-2 satellite offers the possibility of identifying the exact boundaries of habitats and improving knowledge about their current distribution and spatio-temporal changes

Display satellite imagery

The basic module allows the user load and display satellite imagery obtained from the Sentinel-2 satellite.

Semi-automatic segmentation

The module allows the segmentation of the areas by nonlinear segments.


The segmentation is provided by evolving the initial curve to the boundary in automatic segmentation.


Monitoring allows for tracking statistical changes calculated from the satellite optical bands in the different periods.

Display satellite imagery

The freely available version of NaturaSat allows the user to load and show all optical channels of satellite images acquired by the Sentinel-2 mission. New images can be downloaded directly through the user interface using the Copernicus Open Access Hub API.


The semi-automatic segmentation module allows the user to enter points on the area boundary with the mouse. These points are joined into nonlinear segments of a curve that copy the boundaries of the segmented area.


The module allows segmentation of habitat areas starting from the user given initial curve. This curve is evaluated by a mathematical model of automatic segmentation towards the boundary of the selected area.

Habitat monitoring

The habitat monitoring module enables the calculation of statistics from the optical channels of the satellite image inside the segmented areas. Statistics calculated from different time periods can be compared and tracked for significant changes.

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