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Digital Reality

In the era of big data, we encounter new sensors transmitting digital reality to us every day. Their integration with reality enables mathematical and computer modeling.

Mathematical Models

Models that help us understand the real events around us, allowing us to interpret and reproduce them accurately through digital technologies.


However, we only reach the final stage thanks to well-designed and efficient algorithms, enabling the gradual understanding of the previously hidden laws of our world.

Our products and projects

Algoritmy:SK develops software solutions in various domains, including image processing and remote sensing of Earth. Additionally, we specialize in deep learning classification of large-scale data and the computer simulation of complex natural, technical, and social phenomena.

Algoritmy:SK is also actively involved with students of Mathematical and Computational Modeling at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava. We provide consultations, training, and lectures on topics related to our main research areas. Furthermore, we organize international scientific conferences in the field of numerical and applied mathematics.


The NaturaSat application combines geobotanical research with modern mathematical methods. It utilizes data from the Sentinel-2 satellite, orthophotos, and UAVs to identify precise boundaries of habitats, enhancing knowledge about their current distribution and spatio-temporal changes.

The software integrates various image processing techniques along with vegetation data into one universal tool, allowing for comprehensive exploration of habitats. In addition to segmentation, it also offers other tools such as monitoring, classification, transformation of historical maps, and basic hydrological modeling.

Our Research and Development Team

The team comprises individuals with rich experience in academic practice and both theoretical and applied research. They continuously track the latest trends in research and development worldwide and utilize this knowledge to successfully develop and publish new mathematical models and algorithms, which are then implemented into efficient software solutions.

Karol Mikula
Research and Development
(Team Leader)

Michal Kollár
Development and Programming
(Team Leader)

Aneta A. Ožvat
Development and Programming

Martin Ambroz
Development and Programming

Matej Medľa
Development and Programming
(Former Colleague)

Peter Frolkovič
Research and Development
(Former Colleague)

Contact us

Šulekova 6
811 06 Bratislava, SK
Reg. No.
: 50 177 711
: 2120244170